Get to know us....

We are Louisiana’s largest TLCA chapter. Our members drive a variety of Toyota-based vehicles from all models of Land Cruisers, 4 Runners, Tacomas, to Toyota-based buggies and even some rigged out Lexus’.


We offer qualities that I don’t think you can find in many clubs these days. We keep in touch- we lend a hand- we laugh WITH one another, or sometimes AT one another… We are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers…. We don’t discriminate against age, or the amount of children you have- trust me. We are a family and everyone is welcome. 


We do this rock-crawling thing for the sport, for the rush, and for the memories. We’re not even competing for some huge record- we do have some pretty awesome awards that are given out at our events for the most reckless of reckless drivers. 


Overall, we enjoy having some fun, tearing some stuff up (as little as possible), and we ALWAYS look forward to the next trip. 


If you are a 4WD Toyota/Lexus owner, thinking of buying one, or just a general Toyota/Lexus enthusiast looking for like-minded, friendly people to associate with, we would be happy to have you JOIN OUR KREWE! 


Melanie Stevens

President- Louisiana Land Krewesers